Persistence2If anything, I am persistent! I just can’t stop thinking about this quilt. I finally realized what I was doing wrong with my piecing. After my English Paper Piecing class at the Gainesville Modern Quilt Guild meeting last Wednesday, I got this brilliant idea that I could piece this quilt in the EPP method. I printed my templates on card stock and proceeded. Well that wasn’t as easy as it seemed and I abandoned it pretty quickly. In the meantime, I examined the templates pretty carefully and actually layed them out according to the key block provided by EQ7. Low and behold,  I realized that I was using some of the pieces interchangeably. Some of the pieces are directional and 4 of the leaf shaped pieces are slightly smaller than the other 4. That would explain the first wonky block I assembled, see my post on March 15 for a photo of the wonky block and the overall quilt design. My husband said “didn’t they explain that in the directions?” I replied, “silly, who do you think “they” is? It is MY design, I should have known better.

Persistence1I am almost finished inserting the center circle and so far the block is flat. I am more encouraged now. This is still a test block and I see that I need to overcut the corner pieces and then square up the block when I am done.

If at first you don’t suceed, try again. Should I finish this quilt, I think I will call it “Persistence.” I am linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday post over at Freshly Pieced blog. Check out the other WIP Wednesday blog posts over there.