My husband and I are both CPAs. We joke in our household that if it weren’t for deadlines we would never get anything done. Today is the deadline for the QuiltCon Block Challenge, my package is postmarked and ready to go to Elizabeth Hartman.  The challenge was to create up to three blocks with the colors of the QuiltCon logo. The blocks were to reflect what modern quilting means to the maker. The winning blocks will be used in a raffle quilt to be raffled off at the QuiltCon conference in February, 2013 in Austin, Texas. The money raised from the ticket sales will benefit the Modern Quilt Guild. The blocks not used in the raffle quilt will be used to create quilts for the Austin Children’s Center. Here is a peak at my submissions.

Block 1: Hexponential

You have seen versions of the block before. I modified it and added some borders so that the block would be the correct size. The equilateral triangles form hexagons, hence the name “Hexponential.” Since the MQG was formed via social media, this block represents the exponential power of the internet to bring quilters together.

Block 2: Windows

This block was inspired by a design from a scrapbook paper punch. I created the block by sewing together different width strips of fabric and then sub-cut the strips and pieced them together with 1/2″ grey strips, forming 1/4″ finished strips. I’m happy with the consistent width of the strips.

Block 3: Half-Square Triangles

I made this block using my favorite “square in a square” technique. I’ve used every method imaginable to make half square triangles; Thangles, Triangles on a Roll, Die Cutting, drawing lines on a square and sewing on either side of the line and cutting apart  on the line and the Square-in-a-Square technique.  The SNS technique is, by far, the best technique for accuracy. This block is made up of 1.5″ finished HST units. As you can see, it went to together beautifully. I give Jodi Barrows all the credit. If you haven’t seen Jodi’s technique, you should check out her rulers, books and videos.  Also, if she happens to be at a show you are attending, don’t miss an opportunity to visit her booth or listen to one of her lectures. She is very interesting.

I hope you have a great Wednesday and meet your deadlines ~ Lora