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I don’t have much to report in the sewing/quilting/crafting department. Part of my job involves auditing local governments and the State of Florida moved up the deadline for completion of the audits by three months to June 30, so that meant burning the midnight oil for a few weeks and left no time for anything fun.

We started the month with our wedding anniversary and tropical storm Beryl, which brought much-needed rain.  The “creek”, aka drainage ditch, bordering our property started to flow and the lake started to rise. We finished up the month with tropical storm Debby. Debby hung around for 3 days. The ground was saturated, homes flooded and the “creek” roared for four days, busting through our bulkhead and taking the yard with it. The pictures that follow show the series of events.  There isn’t much that can be done to repair the damage until the water dries up and that could take months. At least it is partly stabilized for now if we get another storm. The problem is the big hole is very close to the foundation of our house. The house is on stilts, so there is no danger of flooding, but I sure would hate for the dirt to wash out from underneath the concrete slab.

We are grateful to Evan, my step-son for helping stabilize the damage with sandbags and construction debris. Many thanks to Jimmy Davis who provided the construction debris and Bradford County that provided the sand bags. We had to leave for Missouri in the midst of this adventure for my stepdaughter Gayle’s wedding.

Here is a picture of Gayle with her girlfriends. These gals did a fabulous job decorating, planning food, doing makeup and keeping everything running smoothly. It was so much fun to meet Gayle’s girlfriends. Gayle married a wonderful man and although she already has one daughter, she gained four more! One man in a house with six women! All I can say is that he is one blessed man!

I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July. I am planning to work on getting my studio organized so I can get back to sewing, quilting and crafting.

Later ~ Lora