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It was a short work week with the Memorial Day holiday and it was a busy one, as we have June 30 deadlines and I am planning to take off June 27th for my stepdaughter’s wedding.  Consequently, I worked all day Saturday. I took off Sunday and enjoyed our 24th wedding anniversary.  Lily and I walked for an hour in the morning and then I just sewed, surfed the internet and generally relaxed the rest of the day.  Eddie made a wonderful dinner.  The only work I did all day was clean up the kitchen.  I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture from our wedding.  It was a casual affair at Eddie’s folks farm in Brooker, Florida.  Love the “big hair” of the 1980’s.  I also started quilting in the 1980’s.  There weren’t a lot of people my age quilting back then!

Did any of you happen to stumble upon the Quilting Modern Blog Party this weekend?  Here is a link to Interweave Publications’ post with links to all the blogs participating.  I had a lot of fun reading the posts and now I can’t wait to get my copy of the book.

I have praticed with my camera and got a great picture of some wood storks that paid us a visit this weekend.  This shot was taken at the end of our neighbor’s dock.  You can see that with all the rain that tropical storm Beryl dumped on us, Hampton Lake only came up about 2 inches.  We have a “creek” (really a drainage ditch into the lake) that divides our property from our neighbor.  Usually with a storm like Beryl, the “creek” will be flowing like up in the mountains.  Everything is so dry here that there was actually no run off from the storm. I’m hoping our normal weather pattern of regular afternoon rain showers continue.

I worked on my block for the Quilt Con Block Challenge and am showing you a sneak peek here. It didn’t turn out as big as it needs to be, so I will be redoing it with larger triangles.  I am using all equilateral triangles and solid colors.  This is definitely a challenge for me, but I love a good challenge.  There is a flickr group started where everyone is posting the blocks they have made for the challenge.  If you care to join, the link is here.