Just a short little post today and no images, except for my new blog header.  Many thanks to all who helped me with my new blog header, Etsy shop header and grab button.  Brenda Thornton (Thornton Photography) photographed the quilt for the header and the Proink gals did the graphic design work.  I am very pleased with how everything turned out.  What do you think?

So why a dragonfly for my logo and company name?

First of all, I have always loved these creatures.  They are swift, can fly in any direction, skim the water and are beautifully iridescent.  I love their symmetry and shape.  After doing some research, I now know that the dragonfly has many different symbolic meanings, depending on your culture. I prefer the more positive symbolism of a sense of self that comes with maturity.  As creatures of the wind, dragonflies, along with butterflies, both represent change.  The dragonfly skims across the tops of water surfaces and water is symbolic of a deeper mind and thoughts.  As we age, we don’t just see the surface of things, we start to see more meaning.  The dragonfly lives a short life and lives its life to the fullest, which is the strongest lesson we can learn from them.  These qualities are representative of my feelings toward my love of handmade items, sharing that love with others and my current stage in life ~ ever changing, more meaningful and wanting to make the most of the time I have left.