Good grief!  Is it Wednesday again?  I can’t believe how fast the weeks fly by.  This week I want to share my latest project.  I am making new dog beds for “the girls.”  A few years ago I decided that I had so much fabric in my stash that buying dog beds was ridiculous, so I set out to make some.  The first beds were kind of like big pillows with fiber fill inserts.  The covers have held up to many washings.  However, the cover in the worst shape is the patchwork top.  The whole cloth beds are now very faded, but still in one piece.

So this time I set out to make 5” thick foam beds.  I am also going to make “pillow tops” for these mini mattresses as my dogs like to “nest.”  The girls are getting up in age and they need a little extra cushion. First I bought some foam at JoAnn’s on Black Friday (yes, that long ago).  This stuff is expensive, so you need to look for sales or use coupons.  I bought enough for 3 beds.  (Ok, I know, I only have two dogs-but truth betold, their dad likes to get down on the floor with them and when one of them is sick, he has been known to spend the whole night on the floor!)  So now you ask, are the dog beds for Weezie and Lily or are they for Eddie?  I’ll never tell!

First I made a cover for the foam from polyester lining fabric.  Have you ever tried to insert some foam into a fabric cover?  It is a chore I am not willing to repeat, so I wanted something slippery between the foam and the fabric cover. Next I measured the foam and cut out the fabric.  I used some Amy Butler fabric that had been pre-quilted by Joan (my long-arm quilter).  I also measured enough zipper tape to go around two sides of the mini mattress.  I don’t want to have to struggle to get the cover off, as it will get washed often.  After much trial and error, I got the cover together and, I must say, it looks pretty nice.  Lily wasn’t too impressed, but she laid on it to please me.  Only time will tell.

I gathered together fabrics to take to Joan to quilt for more beds.  I guess I can cut the rest of the foam and make the lining covers while I am waiting for the quilted pieces to get done.  I think the next two foam beds will go together more quickly.

One WIP almost finished: the Winter Palace quilt that I featured last week is bound.  I decided I would machine embroider the date and maker on it instead of making a label.  This is pretty scary, as it is not fun to pick out embroidery stitches.  I found a great free font online at  I’ll let you know how it stitches out.

Still in progress: I’ve made no progress on the pin cushion I featured two weeks ago.

Don’t forget to check out the other WIPs over at Freshly Pieced.  Having a blog is great!  It really motivates me to work on making stuff; otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.  I hope you are inspired to make something ~ Lora