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We enjoyed a pot-luck get together with friends on New Year’s Eve. This is my new favorite cocktail ~ Cosmopolitan! I had a blast testing this recipe. 🙂


1-1/2 oz vokda; 1 oz each cointreau, cranberry juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, simple syrup; pour over ice in a shaker and shake until very cold.  Strain into martini glass.

(Simple Syrup is made by dissolving 1 c. sugar into 1 c. water over low heat.)

I’ve given up on the typical New Year’s resolutions, such as losing weight and exercising.  While I need to do both, I know that I will be setting myself up for failure.  Instead I am venturing into the blogging world.  I truly believe that as we age, we need to continue learning.  I am very excited to be learning about blogging as I progress through this new process. Isn’t every new project an opportunity to learn something new?

Progress on Square Dance Quilt – Yesterday I cut the white strips I needed for the quilt using my Alto’s Cutting System (www.quiltcut.com).  I use various methods for cutting fabric, however, I find this method of cutting strips to be very efficient and accurate.  The advantage to the Alto’s Cutting System over just straight rotary cutting with a cutting mat is that there is a bar that “locks” the fabric down so that it doesn’t move.  Also, there is a cutting straight edge that is also “locked down” so that your ruler doesn’t shift.  I only needed 24 strips, so the cutting didn’t take very long.  If I have a lot to cut, I will stack fabric and can usually cut about 6 layers without much difficulty as long as I have a sharp blade in my rotary cutter.  I also coordinated the jelly roll strips so I could start sewing the strip sets for the nine-patch units.

Book Review:  Transparency Quilts

I received my copy of Transparency Quilts over the holidays.  The book is written by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio (formerly Fun Quilts).  I have all of Weeks and Bill’s previous books and I love their approach to design.  There are 10 projects in the book and they are very sophisticated.  They would all be lovely in my home.  I have always loved the concept of transparency in quilts, but have never tried it.  It does look a bit intimidating, but the fabric combination explanations in the book were helpful.  I think I will start out with a baby quilt.  If you like this style of quilt, I would highly recommend this book.

More later on the progress of Square Dance Quilt and Cat-in-the-Hat Quilt.

Happy New Year ~ Lora